Optimize your work with Megaplan

Megaplan - CRM-system for companies from 5 to 500 employees. Helps manage sales: bill and follow the sales funnel. It brings order to the tasks and keeps track of the deadlines.
Why Megaplan

Makes the work transparent
Prepares visual reports
Saves time for key tasks
Helps control timing
Manage sales
Does not allow to forget anything
Fighting with routine
Cancels the emergency
Put things in order
Helps sell more
Live dashboard
Quick case review and performance monitoring
Watch the pulse of the company from the desktop. You always know how the business feels and how employees live.
Each client - is a special story
Megaplan keeps relationships and does not forget about important events
Say goodbye to the mess in the mail. A letter from the client will appear in his card and you can immediately answer it. Nobody will forget what, to whom and when he promised. The history of relations with clients under reliable protection.
Thoughtful task list
Evaluate the productivity of employees by the number of overdue tasks
It's not enough to say that the work should be visual - we made it that way. Task lists have become cleaner, simpler and more informative. Now nothing prevents to notice a problem and have time to solve it in time.
Calls and mails from Megaplan
Be aware of all communication with the client
Turn on telephony and connect the mail - communicate with customers without leaving the system. The history of negotiations will remain with the company forever.
Convenient chat
When employees communicate in the Megaplan, tasks are resolved faster
The speed of communication within the company is sometimes the decisive factor of survival in the market. We released the best corporate chat of all that ever did! Now, at work, no one communicates with third-party instant messengers, and all correspondence is stored in the Megaplan.
Detailed sales funnel
Track every step to fight the outflow
Evaluate sales channels - each individually or collectively. Study the statistics and see where you lose the most money.
Instant Planning
Evaluate the benefits of recognizing tasks and deadlines
To quickly set a task or schedule an event, write: "Check the payment of the account tomorrow at 10" or "Call the customer in a week." Megaplan itself will understand what it is: a meeting or a call, will fix the correct time and will not let you forget about what was planned.
Automatic reports
Megaplan will compile any report and send it to the mail
It takes a long time to prepare reports, but you can not do without them. Give the task to Megaplan and every Friday at 18.00 wait for a report of the work of employees for the week.
We have, what others don't
A personal manager to sort out
Will help to get used to the Megaplan and solve all organizational issues.
Emergency help by phone
We have our own contact center, so your questions will not go unanswered.
Audit of business-processes
We will configure the Megaplan taking into account your specifics. We integrate with other services.
Full history of negotiations
Megaplan is synchronized with the mail services and stores correspondence in the client card. Built-in telephony will save you from buying a PBX, allow you to record and listen to conversations.
Improvements every month
Megaplan is not a static system. We listen to users, develop service and once a month we release a free update.
Quick start
Add employees and start working. To configure the Megaplan, you do not need a programmer.
Free «Mobile Megaplan»
Allows managers to monitor sales and performance tasks on vacation or business trip.
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