"Video surveillance is one way to digitize the physical world"
The Avigilon logo is now well known in the video surveillance industry as a quality provider of complete video surveillance solutions. A fairly young company, which was founded in late 2004, already in 2010 entered the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 rating as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Canada. In 2010, Avigilon was also named to the Red Herring North America 100, a prestigious list of North America's most promising private technology businesses. In 2018, Avigilon became part of the American corporation Motorola Solutions. Avigilon specialists have developed and patented many unique technologies.

Avigilon's comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products has everything you need to monitor and control access to facilities of any size, from private homes and small shops to stadiums, airports and entire cities. The company has also invested a lot of time and money in developing innovative self-learning video analytics, and recently Avigilon launched a deep learning artificial intelligence search engine that can analyze video footage from multiple cameras to find specific people of interest by tracking their route and last known locations. And today, we are talking about the prospects for the implementation of Avigilon integrated solutions in Azerbaijan with Tural Zargarov, project manager at iTech Group.
- Please tell us more about Avigilon's solutions.

- Avigilon's portfolio includes a wide range of IP cameras up to 61 MP resolution, multi-sensor cameras, networked video recorders, viewers, and intelligent video analytics, thermal cameras, presence sensors, analog encoders, lenses, telemetry consoles, camera housings, and software software for video surveillance and access control. The industry solutions of this company are successfully used in transport, trade, manufacturing, education, medicine, banking and Smart City projects in more than 100 countries around the world. Avigilon security systems are based on an open platform, are high performance, scalable, and expandable without any restrictions.

Starting with a focus on high-definition surveillance cameras, the company has developed end-to-end solutions that include access control, video analytics, and is now actively pursuing the use of artificial intelligence in these solutions. The company provides end users with exactly the results they need by emphasizing an end-to-end solution approach, while competitors rely on open systems to create solutions using components from different vendors.

Of course, Avigilon systems belong to the premium segment, surpassing the nearest competitors precisely in an integrated approach. This enables the end user to be confident in round-the-clock support and clear interaction of all systems. But despite the fact that the products of this manufacturer are positioned as premium, the portfolio also includes solutions for small objects, and a wide range of products will allow any organization to find the best solution for the price. I would also like to add that all Avigilon equipment is manufactured in Canada, where promising trends in the field of video surveillance are being developed. The company works under OEM contracts with vendors such as DELL Technologies and HPE, which develop servers specifically tailored to the loads declared for HD video surveillance systems. At the same time, Avigilon's own scalable Control Center software has an intuitive interface, open architecture and easy integration with many well-known brands of cameras and other hardware. This intelligent software captures even the slightest changes and activities on the video surveillance site and performs a quick search for information on alarms, license plates, cash transactions, bookmarks and other parameters.

Avigilon serves a variety of verticals including retail, banking, education, casinos, critical national infrastructure and transportation. The company works with major clients including the Miami Dolphins Hard Rock Stadium, the Universities of Tennessee and Sydney, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, the City of Pittsborough and the Old Bailey in London. Looking at our region, Avigilon solutions are used at Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi airports. In addition, more than 2,000 Avigilon cameras monitor traffic on the roads of Georgia, processes in a number of banks in Lithuania and Russia, the largest bank in Georgia TBC, large logistics centers in Estonia, a casino network in the Baltics, etc. In four large cities of Kazakhstan, complex solutions are operating, which include the most advanced cameras from this manufacturer. There are solutions in Azerbaijan both in the public and private sectors. For example, Avigilon solutions are actively used by the Azerbaijan Sustainable and Operative Social Security Agency (DOST).

Today, like other video surveillance manufacturers, Avigilon faces a number of challenges in the marketplace, including the need to ensure its solutions are compatible with customers' information technology, encryption, and other cybersecurity needs. Avigilon is addressing this challenge with new AI and deep learning systems, in addition to video analytics that sift through excess data and direct the operator's attention to what they need to know. By comparing the resulting image to predefined patterns, Avigilon video equipment recognizes moving objects, various human behavior patterns and vehicle characteristics, providing high situational awareness of the operator and collecting reliable data for the prevention and investigation of incidents.

- We are used to the fact that video surveillance systems are used mainly in the areas of security and safety. Are Avigilon solutions intended to be used in other industries for non-typical applications?

- I would not say that video surveillance is mainly used in the areas of security and safety, although many people really believe that video surveillance is about security. Video surveillance is also information that helps in the management and optimization of the business, as well as in the processes of control and production management. And today video surveillance is extremely successfully used in retail, logistics, and management. Avigilon believes that the next revolution in these industries will be based on video analytics and artificial intelligence. Cameras are one way to digitize the physical world, one of the tools to immerse yourself in this mountain of information. And with Avigilon's end-to-end solutions, it will be easier to do so.

The advantage of Avigilon is that the company is not afraid to come to the client and show the product face. We, as a partner with such a high status, offer demo testing for clients of any level, because it allows you to feel the quality of solutions and understand their benefits. Usually, after such tests, the realization comes that these integrated solutions are not only and not so much a security system, but a means for controlling products and production, which will help the business to enter a new stage of development.

- How does Avigilon treat its partners? How strong is the support you get from the manufacturer?

- Avigilon's sales and distribution model is based on the B2B model and includes several types of certifications. In addition, Avigilon carefully selects partners and supports them through training, sales and technical support. iTech Group, as the official representative of Avigilon in Azerbaijan, feels this very well at the level of implementation of projects of any complexity.
Today Avigilon is actively investing in the development of the Azerbaijani market. In the face of our company, the manufacturer saw a worthy partner willing to develop complex and large-scale projects, as well as ready to invest in the development of its own technical staff and customer specialists.

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