Network solutions
Large amounts of data, constantly changing traffic patterns and the need to rapidly develop and release new programs require the latest generation of flexible data networks. Since the old network infrastructure is mostly manual and depends on local IT resources, companies face high operating costs. Moreover, the lack of advanced security features exposes companies to greater operational risk.

iTech Group provides expert advice for a complete transformation of your network infrastructure. Our services include automatic provision of network resources, enhanced security and maximum virtualization. We help companies integrate their existing networks with modern technological platforms such as cloud, high-speed wireless and virtual networks, ensuring minimal disruption of business processes. The work of iTech Group engineers in building a new generation of smart networks includes the following aspects:

  • optimized target network migration with powerful security features and advanced virtualization
  • selection of technologies with low capital costs
  • supply of network equipment
  • full range of services for network design, analysis, installation, maintenance optimization and expansion
  • professional design of wireless networks
  • continuous improvement and adherence to strict standards
  • maximizing the volume of control over intellectual resources and best practices for their combination

The work implemented by iTech Group provides your business with the benefits of increased customer satisfaction by enabling faster development and implementation of high-performance applications, lower maintenance costs through network virtualization, improved cyber risk management capabilities, and increased productivity through automated network monitoring processes.

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