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With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic affecting most economies, words like social distancing, work from home, virtual activities, and isolation have become commonplace. In this unprecedented time when many industries are in decline due to the pandemic, it is important for every business to remain solid, which is why many companies today choose video conferencing technology for events or meetings. Video conferencing helps strengthen relationships by keeping everyone in touch with each other. This saves time, strengthens cooperation, increases productivity and reduces travel costs.

Video conferencing technology can be easily integrated into any existing application, allowing companies to use this functionality to increase productivity. Reduce time, overhead, and costs to market with deployment-ready video conferencing SDKs or APIs. We are ready to consider any possibilities for using videoconferencing technology in your enterprise, taking into account the field standards:

Integration of video with CRM. Integrating Video conferencing with a CRM tool or program can increase your sales opportunities. This will help you automatically link video calls to the corresponding lid, which will increase your chances of conversion in the first place.

Telemedicine. Videoconferencing technology can be integrated to add video call functionality to medical applications and allow patients to consult doctors remotely. This saves travel time and waiting time in long queues at hospitals or clinics.

Education. During the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for videoconferences in the education sector is at its peak, as many schools and universities teach students remotely through various videoconferencing platforms. Schools and universities can integrate video conferencing technology into their existing Learning Management System or mobile applications.

Real estate. The real estate industry can use videoconferencing technology, which allows its customers to visit properties virtually via video call. This will help real estate leaders maximize investment profitability.

Recruitment. Reduce delays in the hiring process by adding video conferencing technology to your existing process. We believe that continuing the virtual recruitment process will help reduce time and costs for the company.

Digital trading: We will feel the impact of the pandemic on the economy for several more years, so the demand for digital trade will continue to grow. People order essentials through contactless delivery to avoid physical contact in stores or salons. By integrating videoconferencing technology into your digital trading platform, you can allow your customers to experience the products they buy virtually.

Law. Law offices and courtrooms may use videoconference to contact detainees and witnesses who cannot make the trip to testify or interrogate. By using video consulting, both lawyers and clients can save more time and travel costs.
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