System integration
System integration is the cornerstone of digital transformation in organizations. This is the process of combining different systems for functional interaction as a whole. Today, reliable integration solutions have become a reality. New technologies such as the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of things allow them to quickly exchange information between themselves and existing IT systems, as a result of which organizations can quickly benefit from their investments. Thanks to a good integration platform, the time for even the most complex integration project can now be reduced from several years to several months. As the company grows, new processes can be added or complicated, while the IT landscape can be measured by the organization and the growing number of employees. Integration of business processes in one platform allows you to combine all functions in the chain of business processes, which will increase productivity and quality of work due to improved information flow.

İnnovative solutions offered by iTech Group in the field of system integration include an individual approach to each task. After a detailed analysis of the capabilities of each task, our experts are ready to provide the most optimal solutions.

  • system integration that allows the organization to integrate older systems with newer ones;
  • integration of third-party systems using automated software solutions that ensure reliability and security;
  • integration of external systems with internal systems of the organization with the possibility of managing processes through a single platform.

The role of system integrators is usually to design, implement and test an integrated solution, but the role of iTech Group also includes continuous management of solutions, as well as communication with third parties. We contribute to the missing integration of the customer within the company. Our professional specialists with extensive experience in the implementation of such solutions will develop complex solutions for reliable and uninterrupted operation of all electronic systems, the implementation of which will begin at the initial stage of structural wiring. We can help you save time and budget by making your business processes flexible, scalable, productive and profitable.

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