Alarm functions of the Snom DECT handsets

Already integrated alarm solutions for more security
Safety plays an important role in everyday working life - whether in the office or in a warehouse, for example. It can be of great importance whether you can call for help as quickly as possible or open a gate or door by pressing a button. The most important thing is to be fast and efficient - and if possible to have everything combined in one device.

Therefore, we already offer integrated alarm solutions in many of our professional DECT handsets. In the Snom M70, Snom M80, Snom M85 and Snom M90 devices, a freely programmable alarm button is included, which offers a wide range of possible applications in such cases.

The Snom M85 also offers some additional alarm options. You can find out which ones further down this page.
Audio Conference Devices

Every conference a celebration
The technology of our (audio) conference phones benefits from 15 years of experience and development. Continuously improved voice quality and established software produce a high quality sound that also comes into its own when used hands-free with the cordless extension microphones and ensures an even distribution of "audibility" throughout the room. Today, the ability to conference remotely is becoming more and more important and is now indispensable for daily collaboration. This is especially true with regard to home offices and mobile working.
The outdoor DECT base for all weather conditions
With the Snom M900 Outdoor base, Snom enables professional and modern multi-cell DECT technology outdoors. The base is certified according to IP55 and thus insensitive to dust and splash, rain water.
Protected by a durable housing reliably in any weather, the Snom M900 Outdoor is versatile, whether in office buildings, warehouses or hospitals. But also in industry, powerful multi-cell solutions are needed to reliably supply large, free-standing areas with DECT.
Furthermore, the housing offers space to accommodate additional devices, such as a heater (not included). In addition, the electronic components of the base station have been made resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture and foreign bodies with a special coating.
Technically, the base is identical to the Snom M900. Thanks to the DECT Manager function integrated in each Snom M900 and state-of-the-art multi-cell technology, individual installations can include up to 1,000 bases and up to 4,000 handsets.
The handy, white base offers not only a completely new design, but also a wide range of functions. In addition to an integrated DECT manager, the Snom M900 also offers DECT and LAN synchronization. The integrated DECT manager manages all bases in an installation and ensures constant availability as well as the so-called "Seamless Handover" i.e. that calls are seamlessly transferred between the individual bases - even across floors or buildings.
With its integrated TLS encryption, the base sets standards in terms of encryption, because security is naturally a top priority, especially in day-to-day business communications.
Device maintenance can also be easily performed via the Snom M900's Web UI. Each base can wirelessly send software updates (OTA) as well as other configuration information to the connected handsets, thus massively easing the workload for the IT department.
Hospitality Phones

The solution for guest and patient rooms
Do you want to offer your guests in a hotel, youth hostel or retirement home the best possible comfort? Then equip them with the right communication tools too! Offer your guests more comfort and functionality with one of our specialized guest phones. From speed dial keys for all important needs (reception, alarm clock, reservation, emergency call...) to the choice of the most convenient systems for you: IP / DECT over IP or WiFi - our phones are designed and optimized for use in the hospitality industry.
Snom Green Strategy
Save power with Snom phones
Telephones in the office usually know two modes, idle and active. In idle mode, the display is usually only slightly less bright, but is far from off. Conversely, the display lights up in the active state as brightly as it was set.
Thanks to the ambient light sensor, the Snom D717 can be set to adapt to the brightness, but also to the darkness.

So if you turn off the office lights after work, the Snom D717 display will also turn off completely, saving a lot of power.

Save packaging material and avoid plastic
In product management, the project and its goal were gladly taken up and became a project close to the heart of the team leader. As a result, the packaging was reduced significantly in general and all packaging materials were changed from plastic to paper. By the way, the Snom device packaging has been pure, unvarnished, brown cardboard boxes for many years, which are particularly easy to recycle.

Through this change in packaging, Snom has succeeded in saving approximately 1.5 t of packaging plastic in Germany alone within the year 2021. This has not only saved waste but also a lot of resources.
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