Uninterruptible power supply solutions
Uninterruptible power supplies provide reliable power and protection for all power systems. They keep you safe against data loss or other disruptions of critically important systems. In addition, uninterruptible power supplies can provide a backup in case the mains voltage drops below an acceptable level. Uninterruptible power supplies also allow the control system to be fully integrated into a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

iTech Group offers uninterruptible power systems of various capacities to prevent equipment shutdown, damage, failure, data loss due to sudden power outages. Using the systems of the world's leading manufacturers, we ensure uninterrupted operation of both constant and alternating current equipment. We also offer highly customizable power distribution equipment. We understand that every industry and even every company in the industry will have specific needs and characteristics to operate as efficiently as possible. Our ability to assist you in setting up industrial energy systems and power distribution equipment will enable you to work more efficiently, effectively and qualitatiive as a whole.

In addition to providing uninterruptible power supplies and generators, we also carry out planning work for the correct implementation of these systems:

  • we calculate the capacity of the enterprise network
  • we calculate the power of the device and equipment operating at the facility
  • we develop guidelines for service personnel
  • we install monitoring and warning systems.
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