Creation of data centers
Big data-generating trends such as the Industry 4.0, the Internet of things, and 5G are driving the demand for more data centers. With growing concerns about climate change, major efforts have also been made to design energy-efficient data centers. Today, the reliability and efficiency of an enterprise data center serving external or internal customers is very important for your business. Integrated data center contains many subsystems that require the necessary monitoring capabilities to effectively manage operations and ensure the stable and safe environment required for the operation of any information system. Meeting the full range of data center requirements, iTech Group provides general planning services including electrical and communication wiring, air conditioning, fire suppression and access security, lighting and information equipment control processes. We will allow you to get a number of advantages, for example:

  • perfect protection of data center performance
  • modular design for quick and easy assembly
  • ability to adapt to the data center of a growing enterprise
  • optimal use of space and operating costs
  • highly efficient energy-saving power components for eco-friendly rooms
  • optimal power distribution
  • precise temperature and humidity control
  • reliable and uninterrupted operation 365 days a year
  • easy integration with all company structures
  • ensuring compliance with international standards
  • complete environmental management system for continuous operation

The above list is by no means exhaustive. Contact us to learn more about our full range of data center services and how iTech Group can transform your existing IT infrastructure.

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