Protection of buildings and facilities
The modern business owner faces security threats at every step. Physical threats can be ignored as many companies focus on preventing cyber threats. Any disruption, large or small, affects your business; from financial losses to reputation damage and making your employees feel insecure in the office. Even for small businesses, having the right physical security measures can be critical to keeping your business and data safe.

Physical security measures are designed to protect buildings and equipment. They prevent unwanted persons from entering the building and provide access to authorized persons. Without physical security plans, your office or building remains open to theft, vandalism, fraud, and even accidents. The comprehensive security plan incorporates technology and special equipment and should include anti-interference measures. The smartest security strategies employ a multilevel approach, adding physical security measures in addition to cybersecurity policies. This means building a complete system with strong physical security components to protect your organization from major threats.

iTech Group offers a wide range of technical solutions that will protect the life and property of enterprise employees, as well as residents of residential complexes. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists will install equipment of any complexity at a strictly agreed time, as well as provide detailed instructions for using the system. At the request of the customer, these systems are built on fiber-optic, copper or wireless networks and turnkey. We provide the following complex services:

Security solutions. Internal and external alarm systems around the perimeter of buildings, offices and other facilities, burglary and intrusion protection systems, fire and flood protection systems, security warning systems, regulatory and receiving devices and so on;

Video surveillance systems. HD security cameras, thermal and infrared cameras, zoom cameras, high definition low bandwidth security cameras, IP cameras, face detection cameras, smart cameras, hidden and outdoor surveillance cameras, motion sensitive cameras. We also offer the software for storing and archiving video recordings, convenient photo capture, video recorders that support modern formats and work in 24/7 mode, and so on;

Entry and exit control systems. Electronic locks, turnstiles, biometric locks, passenger registration devices, contactless turnstiles, meters, equipment for entry and exit of motor vehicles, payment devices, equipment for remote control of doors and gates. It also includes the installation and integration of software for all these systems;

Analytical systems for operational detection and control. Integration of video surveillance solutions with analytical software solutions, faster detection of events and setting up analytical history.
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