IP telephony and call centers
Over the years, we continue to provide call center solutions to various companies. We develop comprehensive solutions for organizations that use the most effective modern technologies and the best training practices. Our call center solutions are used to receive and transmit a large number of telephone requests. In addition to the call center, collective SMS and email processing is carried out. We can provide your organization with a call center solution of any size, from two agents in one shift to hundreds of agents in several shifts. Powerful functionality and usability, with centralized multifunction capabilities on an optimized platform, completed by our dedicated technical support team with extensive experience, our call center systems are tuned to maximize performance to boost your company's strategic development.

With IP telephony, multimodal communications, built-in reliable reporting and application integration, our call center solutions help businesses meet and exceed customer service expectations while increasing employee productivity and controlling operating costs. Whether you have a large call center with multiple sites or are looking for a more efficient way to exchange calls between your team, we have the solutions you need to manage and grow your business. Currently, we offer solutions for creating professional call centers responsible for phone calls, requests from websites, social networks and on-line chats using centralized and automated response mechanisms.

In addition, we offer interactive voice response (IVR) systems. This is a feature of an automatic phone system that interacts with callers by giving the options via a menu or touch-tone phone keyboard. Then it takes actions based on the selected call responses, either using the phone keyboard or answering by voice. Based on the caller's responses, the IVR system will either request additional information or redirect the user to an agent for additional assistance to continue the call. Thus, call center automation has become more accessible to organizations by integrating conversational IVR into their system, allowing employees to focus more on complex activities than on day-to-day tasks.
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