Cybersecurity solutions
The development of automation and industrial control systems, as well as the use of cloud systems have made cybersecurity a decisive factor. The development of technology allows the introduction of more and more advanced systems and services, but it also opens the door to cyberattacks and makes the protection of the intellectual assets of the enterprise the most important area of any business. After all, if criminals manage your network, they can control everything. Any path to digital transformation without a well-designed cybersecurity strategy puts businesses at serious risk.

iTech Group has a high level of cyber experience. Through our comprehensive services, we help businesses create a multilevel security system, assess risks, find vulnerabilities, and prioritize safeguards. By offering vulnerability assessment as a service, we help companies prioritize system vulnerabilities. Given the numerous threats, risks and threats in the information field, iTech Group is ready to cooperate with you in all the following areas:

Network security. We help you integrate multiple layers of network protection with software support, intrusion prevention, antivirus and web filtering. We can also help companies implement new technology such as the NDR (Network Detection & Response).

Cloud security. 94% of malware is delivered via email. We are ready to provide solutions that cover email and website security.

Data security. DLP, better known as data loss protection, helps protect data through risk ranking, advanced detection, analytics and risk assessment, cloud, the network and endpoint protection.

Vulnerability management. If you want to deal with cyber threats, you need to know your weaknesses. Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, classifying and eliminating security flaws in a company's system. This type of effective system will operate continuously to detect and prevent potential infrastructure vulnerabilities.

SIEM (Security İnformation and Incident Management). Let's help you manage your company's infrastructure security records centrally. We use advanced analytics to effectively detect risks, threats and any suspicious activity, offering real-time analysis of your IT environment.

Identification management (IDM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM). Manage, monitor and control the access to critical resources using effective cybersecurity strategies. Protect your most important business information by protecting the accounts of those who have access to critical information.

Endpoint protection. Advanced endpoint protection solutions protect systems from the file, file-free, scripted, and "zero-day" threats using machine learning or behavior analysis.

Network orchestration. Automate security policy, risk management and compliance in a hybrid environment. We can help you gain control over your network, ensure compliance with global security standards, and apply security measures to your workflows.

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