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iTech Group is a leading integration company specializing in information technologies in Azerbaijan. We develop the industry by being one of the most innovative and open providers of integrated solutions on the market. Our purpose is to provide a flow of information for people who collaborate both within and between organizations, sharing opportunities with each other and empowering them.

iTech Professional Construction Company has a "License for the construction and installation of buildings and facilities for which permission is required" within the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Tech Professional Construction Company is to provide our clients with a ``Trust'' experience when we are selected to execute their projects. Our emphasis on project initiation and follow-up procedures ensures that client requirements are prioritized in the planning and execution of all our processes.
The infrastructure of "Smart City" is built on the basis of high technologies. Here, energy resources are used more efficiently, the negative impact of processes on the environment and human health is minimized. The Smart City has "smart" utility networks, as well as "smart transportation systems" and even "smart homes."
The "Smart Village" project is one of the main priorities of sustainable development in increasing the quality, safety, and efficiency of services provided in the cities and villages of Azerbaijan, applying information technologies in their provision, as well as ensuring the effective use and management of existing resources for those services.
System integration is the cornerstone of digital transformation in organizations. This is the process of combining different systems for functional interaction as a whole. Today, reliable integration solutions have become a reality.
The latest technology and digital solutions are rapidly transforming government into an e-government system. Now the government is engaged in document management and the creation of e-invoices, online payment tools, etc. it uses software solutions that improve the lives of citizens while increasing government transparency.
Banking, financial and insurance companies face many problems today, and their sphere is much more diverse and changeable than before. Fast data integration and the ability to quickly develop and deploy financial applications are key to business flexibility and real-time decision making.
Over the years, we continue to provide call center solutions to various companies. We develop comprehensive solutions for organizations that use the most effective modern technologies and the best training practices.
The modern business owner faces security threats at every step. Physical threats can be ignored as many companies focus on preventing cyber threats. Any disruption, large or small, affects your business; from financial losses to reputation damage and making your employees feel insecure in the office.
The development of automation and industrial control systems, as well as the use of cloud systems have made cybersecurity a decisive factor. The development of technology allows the introduction of more and more advanced systems and services...
With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic affecting most economies, words like social distancing, work from home, virtual activities, and isolation have become commonplace. In this unprecedented time ...
An event of any scale requires careful planning and preparation. iTech Group works closely with customers to understand your expectations regarding the development and production of full-service events.
Interactive voice announcement systems have become more widespread in all industries. With this technology, today it is very easy to send instant public announcements or alerts in business and shopping centers...
Uninterruptible power supplies provide reliable power and protection for all power systems. They keep you safe against data loss or other disruptions of critically important systems.
Big data-generating trends such as the Industry 4.0, the Internet of things, and 5G are driving the demand for more data centers. With growing concerns about climate change, major efforts have also been made to design energy-efficient data centers.
Any business needs a safe, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure to achieve its goals and develop further. Technology can move your business forward with flexibility, mobility, efficiency and security.
Large amounts of data, constantly changing traffic patterns and the need to rapidly develop and release new programs require the latest generation of flexible data networks.
Are you constantly faced with technical support problems for your IT infrastructure? Such support should be provided by a professional team specializing in this area.
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