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Today, in every home, we are surrounded by many individual devices, such as remote controls, motion sensors, lighting, heating, security and other consumer electronic systems. Many of these devices are smart, but due to their abundance, they are not always as useful and functional as they could be. Smart home systems collect all information in a single center, allowing us to manage our smart environment. Thanks to them, you have control over all devices, including lighting, alarm and air conditioning systems, home entertainment systems and much more. With systems like these that allow you to control your smart home through touch panels or apps on your smartphones, you can change your lifestyle and enjoy interacting with these devices. Jeyhun Nabadov, Head of the Physical Security Department of the iTech Group, talks about what one of the market leaders in Turkey offers in this area.
- Tell us about Inohom, please. What distinguishes this brand from the mass of other manufacturers of smart home systems?

- It is worth starting with the fact that Inohom is a trademark of GST ELEKTRONICS, which is engaged in the creation of the latest products in the field of "Internet of Things". Under the Inohom brand, interesting and innovative products from the Smart Home series are created. The main mission of the company is to make our life more comfortable. The company looks broadly into the future, so all developments are created specifically for the latest technologies aimed at the improvement of residential buildings, offices and business centers. Services are provided in the field of "Smart Home" systems and building management systems. The backbone of the company is a strong R&D and production team. Before entering the market, for 5 years, serious research and development work was carried out, prototypes were produced and the testing process was carefully carried out. The company also offers proprietary software. All equipment speaks "the same language", operates on the same frequency and protocol. The company constantly enriches the range of products, and also expands the scope of its application. Among the achievements and values of Inohom:

  • ergonomics and simplicity;
  • excellent combination of price and quality;
  • a huge range of products;
  • full customer support.

The company constantly offers its customers profitable offers and options, expands the market of offers and plans to work in as many countries as possible. Constantly improves the quality of its products so that the best technical solutions for the "Smart Home" system appear in our homes. Inohom strives to become a leader not only in the region, but also actively promotes itself in the global market, offering technologies that make life easier for people. Among the competitive advantages is also the fact that the production, established in Turkey, allows minimizing the delivery time and logistics costs.

- Many users still have a vague idea about the "Smart Home", especially since when building it, it is necessary to calculate the possibilities for decades to come. What should be laid in the basis of the "Smart Home" at the initial stage?

- Yes, you correctly noted that it is necessary to calculate the possibilities of our houses for decades to come. In the West, everything is already being done with the expectation of such smart systems - not only for private, but also for apartment buildings. After all, in order to use automation efficiently, it is necessary to lay down certain principles during construction.

"Smart Home" is both home theaters and music systems that can "send" different melodies to different rooms of your house or be controlled by presence sensors. This and the inclusion of a conversation or music recording when someone comes to the front door. This is the safety of your home - protection, for example, from leaks when the system shuts off the supply of water or gas, fire safety and protection against intrusion.
Integrated automation in everyday life is gradually becoming familiar. The basic set of options remains standard - this is the ability to control the climate, lighting, curtains, etc. In addition, the system must comply with international standards. Manufactured products must be certified and seriously tested for quality. But it is necessary to be able to increase these options, to improve them. It mainly depends on ourselves, on how we see for ourselves the scale of the desired comfort. Today, almost everything is possible, since the latest models of household appliances are produced with the expectation of integration into such systems. The price of such solutions will not greatly affect our budget, but safety and comfort will be guaranteed. In this regard, Inohom is unique.

- Could you tell us about the products and services provided by Inohom?

- First of all, I would like to note the monitor "Nova Panel" of our own production. It makes it possible to build the basic requirements for automation. With a classic click on the display, using the software interface, you can set the temperature required by the user, turn on or off the scheduled operation of household appliances, connect custom sensors, electric valves to the built-in relay modules and display the entire workflow on one screen. The monitor has a child lock that blocks physical pressure until the lock is released. The company has seriously worked on visualization systems - they allow you to get a beautiful interface on your phone, tablet or wall monitor that can be customized specifically to the user's requirements.

The range also includes interfaces, switches, controllers, which differ from the usual extended range of functions. This allows you to supply turnkey projects and not depend on other suppliers. In matters of lighting, too, there are huge opportunities. And it's not just about the comfort that can be felt here and now. For example, you can adjust the light through your phone. Remotely turn on the lighting near the garage and in the yard, and if this is a safe area, then you can even open the gate. Lighting is also very important for your performance and psychological state. When you get up in the morning, you need warm soft light, while cold light will be stimulating for work. All this can also be configured and adjusted automatically according to different events or schedules.
You can make your home's energy and water consumption more efficient by triggering scenarios based on sunrise and sunset times. Thanks to the flexible scenario management, depending on the time, you can control the watering of the garden, make smart lighting in your suburban area, wherever you are. Using the system, according to the company, you can save up to 30% of electricity.

If there are many remote controls for appliances from various manufacturers in the house, then Inohom offers a solution to collect them all in one device. Regardless of the brand, you can control all devices such as TV, satellite dish, air conditioner and music player from one panel or mobile app.
Inohom is also the safety of our home - protection, for example, from leaks when the system cuts off the supply of water or gas, and fire safety, and protection against intrusion. In a word, the Smart Home has a huge number of possibilities, and they are limited only by our desires and fantasies.

- Today, the topic of integrating Smart Home systems with voice assistants is very popular. Do Inohom systems support voice control?

- Of course, Inohom products support voice control with assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Alice, and more. You can control your home from anywhere in the world with commands without even touching the smartphone screen to perform any actions in the application. Moreover, Inohom solutions use IFTTT technology, which is integrated with a wide variety of Internet of Things devices and Internet services. This service knows the vast majority of smart home systems and device control, which makes it as convenient as possible for automation. For example, it can send you a pre-made message when it rains outside so you can change your indoor climate control settings or turn on a smart light when someone lingers near the security camera in front of your garage.

- How does your company promote the concept of "Smart Home" in the Azerbaijani market?

- One of the goals of the iTech Group is to make the possibilities of the "Smart Home" become the norm for designers. In addition to integration projects, we are primarily engaged in distribution and are actively expanding the partner network of dealers for the Inohom brand. We are actively establishing contacts with installation organizations, architects and designers, construction companies. After all, today "Smart Home" from a technical novelty is turning into an integral part of a comfortable life.
I would also like to note that Inohom allows you to supply turnkey projects and not depend on other suppliers. We have almost all the equipment of this manufacturer, so you don't have to wait for months for certain components or think about integration with a particular system. The "Smart Home" has a rather complex logic and graphics, and often it is necessary to build it in a short time. And if competitors do it in 2-3 months, then with our equipment, even in a large house, all work can be completed in a week, and the price remains comparable to the price list of other companies.

As a company with more than 23 years of experience in the local market, we have always put the requirements of users and our dealers above all, so I invite readers of your magazine to visit our showroom to see all the features of Smart Home in action with their own eyes. We will also be happy to discuss connecting interested companies to the Inohom Partner Program.
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