Security of your home and office: how Ajax takes care of it
Ajax Systems is one of the market leaders in the production of security and security systems. The company began its work on the Ukrainian market in 2011 and since then has only strengthened its position, confidently leaving behind an increasing number of competitors. Then it all started with an ordinary startup and a few enthusiasts, but in the end the company grew into a high-tech production, which every day conquers more and more new markets in the world. And this is not surprising, since the quality of Ajax Systems products is in no way inferior to European competitors, but the company's pricing policy is focused on the end user.
— The Ajax product line today has a fairly wide range of wireless devices. These include motion sensors, door and window openings, combined motion sensors, wireless outdoor and indoor sirens, smart sockets, smoke detectors, early flood detection systems and much more. In addition, a wide range of products of the company is constantly updated with new products. A year ago, wired Fibra devices for large infrastructure facilities appeared in the line of this manufacturer.
The implementation of projects based on wired Ajax technologies is currently carried out only by integrator engineers, since these systems require a high level of professionalism and certain certification. The company has also developed its own wired Fibra protocol, which allows you to create hybrid systems at complex and industrial facilities where concrete or metal floors are a problem for wireless communication," says Ruslan Shirbidov, sales support engineer for security systems at iTech Group.

— What are the differences between Fibra technology and competitors?

— This is a data transfer protocol between wired Ajax devices and the central system via a four-wire cable, which allows you to create any combination on the line: from one sensor to a dozen different devices. At the same time, physical lines and the distribution of devices by rooms and groups in the application are not interconnected in any way. The unique connection range without any amplifiers on the line, which makes Ajax systems the leaders in wired security systems, reaches 2000 m instead of the standard 500 m, as with other manufacturers in this market. The Fibra protocol allows alarms to be transmitted in less than 1 second, even if 30 sensors connected by a signal cable are triggered at the same time. The same wired four-wire lines will be able to operate Ajax MotionCam branded sensors with photo confirmation of alarms, as well as keyboards and sirens. As with wireless devices, all devices in the Fibra range are also tamper-proof. The hub polls for health and checks them against unique markers, which makes it impossible to replace or silently disable them. As for information security, all data in such devices is protected by floating key encryption, and adding devices to the system is possible not only by scanning a QR code, but also by scanning tires, which allows you to automatically identify all devices that are not associated with the hub and add them to several clicks. The heart of the Ajax hybrid system is the Hub Hybrid, which supports up to 200 devices. This scheme allows you to create any number of configurations that combine wired and wireless devices.

— What are the technical features and advantages of Ajax wireless systems?

— The entire product line of the company is not only high-tech, but also has a fresh and very attractive design. It is felt that in creating an ecosystem of its solutions, the company was guided by world-famous brands like Apple. Ajax devices will not only reliably protect your home or office, but will also fit perfectly into the overall design of the room. The central element of the system, called Ajax Hub, is developed by the company's specialists from beginning to end. Thanks to Jeweler's proprietary technology, the range of the hub is 2000 m. Ajax is also worried about energy saving, as a result of which the battery in such a device will serve its owner up to 7 years instead of the standard two years. If we talk about the technical features of Ajax devices, they can satisfy the requirements of the most capricious user. In addition to the attractive design, all devices are well adapted to everyday use, as they are simple and reliable in operation. Even a beginner will be able to cope with the installation of sensors in the shortest possible time.

Ajax Systems has also developed its own mobile application for managing and configuring security systems. In the application, the user gets the opportunity to connect and add not only Ajax devices, but also third-party video surveillance cameras. The application can be installed on multiple devices, and as an administrator, you can set a list of people who will have access to view cameras. In the application, you can create any scenario for the operation of a security system for an office, home or cottage, check the operation of devices that work not only for their intended purpose, but also carry additional necessary functionality. For example, you will receive a mandatory notification if a sensor turns off, which is not provided by competitors' solutions. In addition, in the application you will see the temperature of the air near the sensor and the battery level. The hub itself monitors all connected sensors every 30 seconds, raising the degree of security to a fundamentally new level.

The Ajax ecosystem also has an interconnect system that transmits an alarm signal from one sensor to other devices in the room. And if you want the sensor signals not to distract you from your work, then the Ajax system can be connected to the control panel of the security company. By the way, this solution is used in many countries of the world, including Azerbaijan.
Another advantage of Ajax is a real-time operating system that controls the operation of the central elements and repeaters of the manufacturer's security systems. Named after the artist Kazimir Malevich, whose Black Square painting is based on infinite simplicity, the Malevich operating system is regularly updated with new features for integrators and end users. And thanks to this simplicity, the hub processor, even in the most active tasks, is loaded by a maximum of 20%. Also, this operating system is modular, and standardized APIs are used to interact with elements, which allows you to quickly identify and fix errors, easily add functionality and experiment in order to achieve the best efficiency.

- Where should an ordinary user start who decides to build a security system for their own home?

— Against the backdrop of the diversity of Ajax products, the manufacturer itself offers starter kits. The StarterKit includes wireless motion and opening sensors, a key fob with a panic button and a hub that controls the security system both indoors and outdoors. This equipment is enough to build the first level of protection of the entrance to the premises. As soon as an intruder opens the door, the system will raise an alarm, notifying the user or the security company. And an alarm kit with MotionCam sensors will send photos confirming the intrusion in case of an alarm. StarterKit uses multiple communication channels. Minimum 4G and Ethernet, but there are kits with support for Wi-Fi and two SIM cards, which can have up to four independent communication channels with users and the security console. Any of the starter kits can be supplemented with new devices, such as fire sensors, water leakage and glass break sensors, as well as other automation devices, such as Smart sockets and relays, which free you from routine actions and automate your safety. Already with their help, you can set up scenarios for turning on the lights according to a schedule, closing doors on alarm or opening curtains in low light.

— What can you say about Ajax Systems itself, its policy and relationships with partners?

— Ajax Systems managed to become the largest manufacturer of intrusion protection systems in Europe in a short time. The company's products are already sold in 130 countries, but the company continues to expand into new markets. Today, the company employs about 2,500 people, 600 of whom are R&D engineers. In addition to all the technologies and affordable prices that make Ajax products so popular in the world markets, their important part is design, to which the company's management pays great attention.
Ajax conducts indiscriminate testing of all products before shipping to the customer, for which the R&D department has developed its own equipment. Despite the fact that now the company produces 650 thousand (!) Devices per month, product defects are less than 0.3% against the background of 1.5-2% defects of European and 3-5% of Chinese competitors. The business model of light assets, which this company from Ukraine uses, allows to transfer and deploy production in any country of the world in the shortest possible time. An example of this is a new plant in Turkey, which began operation in October last year and has provided employment for 400 people. By the way, thanks to such a close location of this plant to us, all problematic issues in terms of logistics are automatically excluded. In addition, Ajax is the most award-winning wireless security system in Europe, awarded at prestigious international security exhibitions. All Ajax Systems devices have passed European certification and comply with the requirements of the EN 50131 security system standard, as well as the EN 14604 fire standard. The company was also awarded Grade 2 - the highest degree of reliability for wireless security systems.

Our company introduced Ajax solutions to the Azerbaijani market for the first time in 2017. Later, iTech Group became the first distributor of Ajax Systems in the country, and today we are the most active partner in Azerbaijan, not only in terms of distribution, but also in terms of integration. For example, my responsibilities include promoting products on the market, solving integration issues related to the implementation of Ajax products in Smart Home systems implemented by our company together with other vendors, as well as training partner technical staff and providing them with demonstration equipment. Among the positive aspects of our cooperation with Ajax Systems, I would like to note the large knowledge base that this company offers. In addition to certification courses for engineers and its own Academy, Ajax Systems provides detailed text and video instructions on how to operate the equipment on its website. The company's website also contains calculators for battery life, range of Jeweler technology and power supply for wired Fibra devices, which allows users and partners to quickly and easily calculate the necessary equipment parameters. But the biggest plus, in my opinion, is that Ajax strikes a great balance between security, ease of use, and entry cost. This would be unthinkable without a large professional team.
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