Implementation of the TrueConf video conferencing system in Kapital Bank
About the project

Kapital Bank, which is part of PAŞA Holding and provides services to the population in 104 branches and 23 branches of the country, has the widest service network in Azerbaijan. The Bank, being a universal bank, provides banking services to more than 3 million individuals and more than 22 thousand legal entities.

One of the main priorities of the bank is digitalization and the introduction of advanced technologies for the development of remote services. An example of this is the first digital bank in the country, Birbank, which became the most used digital platform among users in 2021. In order to provide timely and high-quality customer service, the bank also decided to introduce a centralized software system for video conferencing and unified communications between customers and operators.


In order to optimize work processes and reduce costs, Kapital Bank decided to deploy a flexible virtual banking system that would allow remote consultations for clients. To solve these problems, a software system for video conferencing and unified communications from TrueConf was chosen. The solution was integrated by a team of specialists from Kapital Bank, TrueConf and iTech Group, an integrator and partner of TrueConf in Azerbaijan.

Kapital Bank customers can now get a consultation or conduct a banking transaction remotely through the online banking system, which users can connect to through a browser or the Birbank mobile application. Using the TrueConf SDK tools, TrueConf high-quality video communication technologies were integrated into the Birbank application without the user having to install any additional software. In addition, the company's experts carried out an individual refinement of the interface and modernization of videoconferencing tools according to the needs of the customer.

TrueConf Server, a secure video communication platform optimized to work with weak Internet channels (for example, mobile Internet), has become the core of communication in the online banking system of Kapital Bank. The technological platform provides an unlimited number of parallel video calls between clients and bank operators simultaneously with the ability to record and store the received banking information in a secure internal loop of the customer.

An additional protection tool in the online banking system is two-factor authorization - to connect through a browser, the user needs to enter a one-time code that comes in a message to his smartphone. All video meetings are automatically recorded for further analysis and improvement of customer service, while the data is processed and stored on the bank's own equipment, which protects personal information from unauthorized access.

With the help of TrueConf SDK and API tools, TrueConf video conferencing capabilities were also integrated into all business processes of Kapital Bank, including the CRM system and clients' personal accounts. The user interface of the mobile application based on TrueConf SDK is simple and intuitive - customers can contact specialists from the bank's call center with almost one click.

"TrueConf is our long-term partner. Thanks to the rich experience of the vendor in implementing such solutions in many countries of the world, our team was able to implement several very interesting and large-scale projects in Azerbaijan, and also took a direct part in the localization of TrueConf products. The high quality of videoconferencing, the built-in arsenal of collaboration tools, as well as compatibility with many third-party IT solutions of TrueConf video conferencing systems helped the bank reach a qualitatively new level of customer service," says Rovshan Akbarov, Business Development Director at iTech Group.

"We are proud that the quality and technical level of TrueConf solutions meet the high level of customer expectations and are used to integrate online customer service into banking systems, which at the same time meet all the requirements of Azerbaijani legislation in the field of online banking. Remote consulting will help speed up and automate workflows, as well as relieve customers of the need for personal presence to perform their usual banking operations. I also want to note the professionalism of our Azerbaijani partners, who helped to quickly and efficiently implement the project with the involvement of only remote specialists," comments Anton Ageev, director of partner relations at TrueConf.


The software system for video conferencing and unified communications TrueConf provided the organization of remote interaction between customers and employees of the call center of Kapital Bank. The introduction of modern technologies has helped to reduce queues and rationally distribute the load on call center consultants. Now bank customers can contact a bank employee at any time and receive information via videoconference using a browser or mobile client. The video conferencing system based on TrueConf SDK allows clients to quickly receive qualified assistance from anywhere in the world. At the same time, the bank managed to significantly reduce costs and improve the quality of customer service.

"TrueConf technologies made it possible to easily and quickly integrate video communication capabilities with our systems, as well as build a modern and secure remote service system for bank customers. Thanks to TrueConf and iTech Group, which implemented the project, we were able to deploy a low-cost video banking system that did not require complex software, special expensive equipment, or large-scale assistance from developers. Thanks to the implementation of TrueConf, it was possible to improve the quality of customer service, optimize workflows and significantly reduce costs," says a representative of Kapital Bank.

About TrueConf

TrueConf is a Russian software developer and videoconferencing pioneer that has transformed the corporate communications market in Eastern Europe. TrueConf solutions are based on a modern software architecture and do not have the disadvantages of traditional video conferencing systems.
With TrueConf, high-quality video conferencing becomes available in corporate networks of any complexity, including workplaces, mobile devices, and meeting rooms through client applications and browsers. The solution is fully compatible with existing equipment, does not require investments in infrastructure and does not create risks for the IT security of the enterprise. TrueConf solutions are trusted by tens of thousands of companies and millions of users around the world. TrueConf is a member of the RUSSOFT, ISDEF associations and is a member of the International Association of Audiovisual Systems Integrators AVIXA.

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