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In September, Baku hosted a cybersecurity event organized by iTech Group and Sophos. The conference was attended by heads of local companies and employees of IT departments, as well as representatives of the Association of Cybersecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan (AKTA), the ASAN Innovation Center of the State Agency for Citizen Services and Social Innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other well-known organizations in the Azerbaijani market, who were able to discuss topics such as the overall cyber threat landscape, mitigating the risk of intrusion into the enterprise network, and recovering businesses from cyber attacks. As one of the world leaders in next-generation cybersecurity, Sophos now protects more than 100 million users in 400,000 organizations in 150 countries.
The company, headquartered in Abingdon, UK, is made up of various teams covering a range of cybersecurity areas of expertise and responsibilities. For example, SophosLabs, a global cyber threat detection and data analytics team, is working on cloud solutions and artificial intelligence to protect endpoints and networks from the latest types of cyber attacks.
Sophos Sales Specialist Abhinav Verma and Nishchaiy Patel, Account Manager for the CIS, Indian Ocean and Sudan, presented at the conference focused on how medium and large businesses, and also government organizations to build an information security perimeter and respond to new types of threats that appear every day. Also speaking with the help of the moderator of the event, whose role was assigned to the business development director of iTech Group Rovshan Akbarov, introduced the guests to the novelties of Sophos product lines.
Jabar Mammadzadeh, head of the marketing and sales department at iTech Group, spoke in more detail about the past event and the opportunities that Sophos offers to the Azerbaijani cybersecurity market.
— Today, the main direction in the development of information security plans is the search for the latest cyber threats. How does Sophos deal with this?

"The accelerated adoption of cloud computing, digital transformation, and remote work, which many employees in various sectors of the economy have switched to, have significantly expanded the opportunities for attacks by cybercriminals. Attackers are also changing their tactics, methods and procedures to increase the number of cyberattacks that combine automation with social engineering tools. In these types of attacks, attackers try to bypass preventive solutions such as firewalls and endpoint protection and use admin tools, pentest toolkits, and unprofessional Zero Trust applications.

The cybersecurity industry has evolved with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and now this technology has become a standard tool for finding threats. Today, threat hunting has become an integral part of the cybersecurity plan for all kinds of organizations. And Sophos is leading this market with its Intercept X solution with EDR. EDR generates vast amounts of data about attacks and potential threats and helps organizations use AI to make decisions based on this information to better protect themselves. Such solutions allow Sophos to be among the leaders in the Endpoint Security software industry for several years.

By the way, earlier this year Sophos released a new Zero Trust Network Access solution. With Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X, you not only protect access to your applications, but also your endpoints and network from ransomware and other advanced threats with the most powerful next-generation machine learning technology. Sophos ZTNA is delivered and managed from the cloud and integrates with Sophos Central and also allows you to work with all other Sophos products, including Endpoint, Firewall, Wireless, Mobile, Server, and more. This is a comprehensive end-to-end protection that has become simpler and more effective.

But there are many organizations that cannot afford to keep a team to manage EDR. For them, Sophos is offering a brand new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. MDRs are outsourced security operations performed by a team of company specialists. MDR services help expand your organization's security team by integrating threat investigations, real-time monitoring, and incident response together with technology stack and analytics tools.

— What other Sophos solutions might interest the Azerbaijani market?

— The portfolio of Sophos solutions includes not only systems related to cybersecurity, although this is the main focus today as part of building an enterprise network. The main advantage of Sophos products is that they are practically on par with equipment from more popular manufacturers in our country, but they provide tangible advantages in terms of the cost of both acquisition and subsequent use. In addition, the manufacturer provides us with the opportunity to conduct free demonstrations of the capabilities of its products for potential customers, to provide them with full functionality for testing.

As for the availability of Sophos solutions in the Azerbaijani market, in addition to the aforementioned Intercept X with EDR, we supply Sophos Firewall solutions for network security, which can fully identify the user and the source of infection in your network and automatically restrict access to other network resources in response. The Sophos Switch Series offers a range of cloud- and on-premises managed network access devices for connectivity, power, and access control at the edge of the local network. The series is available in 8, 24, and 48 port options, which can be managed in a variety of ways, including a local web interface, command line interface, or SNMP for advanced configuration settings. There's also Sophos Security and Data Protection, which provides complete endpoint, email, and web protection and can be extended to organizations with limited IT resources. Also available is Sophos XDR, which delivers greater accuracy and reduces workload for threat intelligence and IT security hygiene organizations. This solution is especially relevant for Office 365 users, as it integrates seamlessly with the office suite.

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