The successful implementation of the 3CX solution at AccessBank allowed the bank to raise customer relations to a new level

A complex project on the creation of IT infrastructure in the new administrative building of "Azerbaijan Caspian Sea Shipping" CJSC

Installation of network infrastructure in the reconstructed General Administration, Science, Teaching and Laboratory Complex of "Azerenergy" Open Joint Stock Company
Application of TrueConf Videoconferencing system at Kapital Bank

Fault-tolerant network infrastructure in medical institutions of Azerbaijan

Video surveillance is one of the ways to digitize the physical world

"Anviz prefers multi-factor identification (identification) tools based on artificial intelligence"

IP-telephony is one of the stages of digitalization of your company

If you are constantly thinking about cyber security, you are much less likely to become a victim of cyber crime
How artificial intelligence Omilia voice robots are changing the way call centers work

Inohom - guarantee of safety and comfort of your home

How to navigate the cyber threat landscape with Sophos solutions

"Avigilon" radically changes the perception of video surveillance
Security of your home and office: How Ajax ensures it
Selection of protection for final devices
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