Quality Policy
Realizing that the success of our business depends on customer satisfaction, we constantly strive to fully understand their current and future needs, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. In this way, we help our customers use business opportunities by transforming technological potential into business value. By actively building trust and constructive relationships based on mutual understanding with customers and suppliers, we rely on knowledge, competence and industry standards, as well as an objective vision of technology. The logic of our business processes is aimed at fulfilling customer requirements and ensuring their satisfaction.

Timely training and continuous care of employees create and maintain the competence on which customer satisfaction is based. Regular independent audits help iTech Group evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system. The quality management system in our company has been developed, implemented, maintained and improved in accordance with the principles and requirements of international standards(enumeration of standards). The quality management system, including the accepted and approved policy, is published in the internal network of the company together with the relevant documents, is available to all employees. Therefore, all our employees, realizing the need to meet the requirements of our customers, contribute to improving quality.

We are proud to share our quality policy with our employees and customers. As a leading and committed system integrator, iTech Group strives to provide cutting-edge innovation and quality solutions to its customers and partners. Our focus is on meeting all relevant customer, company and legal requirements, as well as achieving this mission through our commitment to constantly improving our quality management system.
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